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    A solid wood core thus providing you with a product that is 100% structural . Woodguard is "splinter-free" and the polymer coating contains no PVC!! Our non-toxic Borate wood treatment is also safe for your horses and the environment. Non-porous surface that is easily cleaned and disinfected. Keep your horses healthy with Biosecurity and Barn Disinfection.


    Woodguard™ also makes Round posts and Stakes for the Agricultural Market. These polymer coated stakes are much stronger than conventional hollow vinyl stakes and will last much longer than ACQ Treated Stakes or CCA Treated Stakes. Woodguard™ Stakes are made with Woodguard™ Polymer coating that provides superior durability. Woodguard™ Stakes also come with a 20 year warranty.


    Woodguard's™ polymer coated fencing will not just improve the look of your home, ranch or business it will also improve the value!!


    Horses that chew! It's a tough problem to guard against and hot wire has been one of the only options in the past. Our new RAILGUARD helps protect your investment. They are coated color matched metal guards that slide over the top of the rail. Please call for more information.


About Woodguard

The world's first low-maintenance lumber.

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Polymer Coated Solid Wood

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"Love the final product"

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Why choose Woodguard for your fencing project ?

STRENGTH - Woodguard™ polymer coated lumber has a solid wood core thus providing you with a product that is 100% structural no reinforcements needed for support. All components are treated against termites and dry rot by our patented process using a non-toxic organic Borate wood treatment (U.S. Patent #6,231,994). Shake one of our fences and you will see the difference; our wood core provides the structural integrity needed to build strong, long lasting fences. Professional installers will tell you that the strength of a fence is determined by the structural connection made between the rails and the post. Woodguard™ fences will structurally out-perform any other "low-maintenance" fence available and when you add in the labor savings and material savings the obvious choice is Woodguard™ !!

SAFE & ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY -Woodguard™ polymer coated lumber is "splinter-free". The Woodguard™ polymer coating contains no PVC!! Our non-toxic organic Borate wood treatment is safe for the environment. Since all Woodguard™ polymer coated lumber products will not fade, chip, peel, crack or splinter they dramatically reduce the need to repair and replace damaged parts thus eliminating the need to use stains, paints or sealers which could possibly be harmful to the environment.

INCREASES THE VALUE OF YOUR PROPERTY - Woodguard's™ polymer coated lumber will not just improve the look of your home, ranch or business it will also improve the value!! Isn't it time to select Woodguard™ for your next fencing project ?

LOWER COST TO MAINTAIN YOUR PROJECT - Research shows that over the course of 5 years it costs approximately 40% of the original purchase price to maintain a typical outdoor fence project. With Woodguard's™ "low-maintenance" fencing you will eliminate these maintenance costs so you can relax, save time and money!!

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