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Adding Value to your Property

Black 4 rail with 4x4 posts (11)




When it comes time to sell, people often focus on repainting the exterior and renovating the interior without giving a second thought to a prominent feature—their fence.  It is the first thing buyers will notice from the street.  Curb appeal matters and first impressions are lasting.  A rickety, rusty, old fence may scare buyers away before they ever set foot in your lovely home.

If your fence is in poor condition, you have a few options.  You can repair it, take it down or replace it.  If you decide to replace your fence, you have the opportunity to choose Woodguard fencing a material that will complement your home and add to its value. Although important, appearance is just one of few key considerations.

A new fence that promises low maintenance and longevity will be a selling point with most home hunters.  One of the best new products on the market is Woodguard.  Say good-bye to scraping and repainting wooden fence rails, toxic chemicals to remove rust from iron fences, and hungry termites munching on your wooden posts.  The pliable, polymer used in Woodguard is almost indestructible and the colour will never chip off because it permeates the plastic.  This product is available in a variety of colours . To clean off the dirt that builds up over the seasons, simply wash with a biodegradable cleaner diluted in water