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“We’ve been using Woodgaurd products for the past few years. Our customers have been thrilled with the product and the thought that they will never need to replace their fence again! We have installed equestrian projects where the structural strength of the product far exceeds that of vinyl. Also the color options are a huge hit. Using the Woodguard posts for our cedar privacy fencing has also been gaining traction. Again, the main benefit being that the posts can always stay in, making any replacement of the panels in the future super simple. Bill has been great to deal with and has superb customer service. I would 100% recommend using Woodgaurd to anyone that wants a strong, long-lasting fence.”

Corne’ Neels
A & G Fencing Ltd, BC




“We have both fencing materials on our property, wood and Woodguard.
Our wood fencing requires a regular maintenance of cleaning, staining, and replacement of pieces to keep it looking fresh and presentable. This constant upkeep costs a lot of money and adds up fast.
My Woodguard fence requires no additional maintenance other than occasionally hosing off the dust and I don’t have to worry about constant painting, rotting or warping. It is as strong as wood without the possibility of rotting at ground level. We chose black, which I anticipated would take more maintenance, but so far it has not needed any!
The cost does have to be compared with the purpose of the fence. We are planning to stay at this property a long time so the payback is no problem. If we were to move soon the cost would only warrant if we could get that cost out by increasing the value of our property. I believe that we can regain that cost easily.
In all I recommend Woodguard fencing . It is the best fencing I have seen in my 44 years of farming.”
John Bartel, BC





“Our Woodguard fence is a very attractive enhancement to our property. The product is strong and virtually maintence free which means no more scraping boards and painting every three years. We wouldn’t hesitate to use this product again should we relocate to another property. As a matter of fact it would be one of the items first on our list.”

Howard & Kathryn W. , Alberta



“I have just had the pleasure of installing 11200′ of this material. From an installers point of view the material was very pleasant to work with.
First of all, no slivers.
Easy handling.
Easily staked and transported.
Cuts exactly like regular wood.
Caps seal themselves once on.
I have driven countless of their fasteners and have yet to strip one and I’m still on the same bit!
All the material is uniform. You know they are all the same size!
The top caps are easily assembled and top off the superior look.
This testimonial is from an installer and my customers love the final product!”

Ryan Krusky
True Target
Krusky Kontracting , Alberta



” At Highfield Farm we installed the black fencing in our 100 x 200 foot covered arena as well as 1000 feet around our Main farm house. The quality and appearance of the fencing remains excellent over a year later. We were very pleased with the service and attentiveness to detail of our orders and will certainly consider Woodguard for our future projects.”

Fred and Karen Green, Highfield Farm 




“I would like to truly thank you for all your help. From the initial questions I had regarding Woodguard to design and installation recommendations, you were very helpful. Your customer service and advice far exceeded my expectations.

Woodguard met all of my requirements. Professional appearance, ease of installation and care free maintenance. I look forward to “not” having to paint and to “not” having to replace the fence for many many years. It is such a relief to “not” see peeling paint. The fence has been up for a year now and it still looks brand new. Rural properties are by nature more labour intensive to maintain. Woodguard takes the maintenance out of owning a fence! The additional property value created in curb appeal alone is worth making the investment.

In my opinion, there is no other fence that matches Woodguard. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a carefree and professional looking fence that will continue to look great year after year.”

Tom Horsley, Ontario